What is the application process?
All new tenants must begin a formal online application process. This is typically completed online, however, you may contact us if you would like to work directly with one of our leasing consultants. Click here to begin *Links to vacancy page.
When is rent due?
Rent is due on the first of the month, every month. A late fee will be imposed if payment has not been received by the agreed grace period specified on your lease.
Is renters insurance required under my lease?
We don’t require tenants to purchase renters insurance, however we do highly recommend it for all tenants regardless of location and lease duration.
Who do I make my rent payments out to?
All checks must be made payable to the property name specified on your lease. All checks should be mailed to:

Invictus Management, LLC
23 Wilson St.
Hartsdale, NY 10530
Can I pay my rent online?
Yes. In most cases tenants can be set up to make online payments. Please contact us to have someone set you up with your tenant portal.
How do I submit a maintenance request?
Requests can be submitted online, email or by a letter.
How do I renew my lease?
You will be given advanced notice of your lease expiration by one of our leasing consultants. They will provide you with information regarding the terms of a renewal.
What happens to my security when I move out?
Before the end of your lease we will schedule an inspector to meet with you and survey the conditions of the unit. The inspector will complete a full walk through of the unit with you and complete a checklist. You will sign off with the inspector and your security will be returned to you within the following two weeks.
Will I be charged for conditions that were present when I moved in?
No, we evaluate the condition of the unit before, during and after a new tenant moves in. We complete a detailed move-in/move-out checklist with the tenant, providing written documentation as to the condition of the unit before and after the lease agreement to ensure the tenant will only be billed for conditions he or she is directly responsible for.
What maintenance am I responsible for?
Tenants are responsible for the general upkeep of their unit. This includes general cleanliness, proper trash disposal and to not deliberately or negligently allow damage to the property. Tenants will be responsible for any damage caused by neglect. Tenants are obligated to inform management of these situations so they can make the necessary repairs and prevent further damage.
How is garbage service handled at my unit?
Your leasing consultant will review the guidelines for separating garbage and recycling. You will be shown where garbage receptacles and facilities are located as well as the garbage policy for each property.